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Fair Housing Legal Update Webinar

Annie Murphy to host Legal Webinar

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Fair Housing Legal Update Webinar

October 20th, 2015

9:30am-11:00am MST

Learn the facts and outcomes of the federal fair housing cases that were decided by HUD or settled by HUD so far this year. We will be discussing L.E.P., reasonable accommodation requests, familial discrimination, including rules that unfairly target children, and the disparate impact theory.

By learning from other's mistakes, you will increase your awareness of fair housing discrimination and be able to better protect yourself and your staff from fair housing complaints.


Annie Murphy is an attorney with Dufford, Waldeck, Milburn & Krohn. in Grand Junction, Colorado. She earned her J.D. at the University of Utah law school and is licensed to practice law in Colorado, Utah, and Wisconsin.

Annie represents commercial landlords and tenants and residential landlords in connection with the drafting, review, or negotiation of leases, property management agreements, public housing leases, House or Community Rules, and special policies (e.g., smoke free, marijuana, firearm/weapon, and crime free). She represents landlords and tenants in litigation and also defends landlords in administrative fair housing cases. Annie is knowledgeable about the laws applicable to housing providers of federally subsidized properties and counsels and educates clients and prospective clients on HUD rules, regulations, and recommendations. She counsels and informs landlords on special issues arising in residential and commercial leasing, such as notice requirements, warranty of habitability, criminal activity occurring on the property, fair housing or ADA discrimination, retaliation, security deposit return, legalization of marijuana, firearm prohibitions, and domestic violence.

Annie regularly conducts trainings and seminars for attorneys, housing providers and their staff, realtors, property managers and employers on issues regarding fair housing, reasonable accommodations, Americans with Disabilities Act, legal updates, and drafting, implementing, and enforcing policies, such as smoke-free and marijuana prohibitions, crime-free addendums, and weapons prohibitions or limitations.

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