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Annie Murphy to Speak at 2019 Statewide Housing Conference

Annie Murphy will be one of the speakers at the North Dakota 2019 Statewide Housing Conference in Bismarck, North Dakota, on May 20 & 21, 2019.

Annie presentation is entitled, "Property Management: Reasonable Accommodations in Affordable Housing." In this two-part session, Annie will outline the reasonable accommodations doctrine under the Fair Housing Act and discuss common issues that property managers face in affordable housing when dealing with persons with disabilities, including when a request may be unreasonable.

Specific topics include receiving public benefits and late rent, companion and service animals (what’s the difference?), live-in caregivers and medical equipment, and marijuana (is the use of medical marijuana a reasonable accommodation?). During this session Annie will help property owners and managers streamline their policies and improve their procedures, leases, and house rules to achieve their goals.

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