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Meet our Paralegal, Pam Johnson

We call Pam Johnson a paralegal, but her attorneys call her a miracle worker or a magician - depending on the day. Her hard work, dedication to solving problems, and keeping her attorneys organized have made her an invaluable resource to partners Michael Kuzminski, Rob Pierce, and Willie DeFord. Keeping ten steps ahead of these busy attorneys is no easy task.

Pam has been with Dufford Waldeck for over eight years. She’s been a patient mentor to new staff members and is always available to pitch in and help, especially with troublesome software questions. Her passion for going above and beyond expectations makes her a perfect fit for our firm.

After hectic days at the office, Pam enjoys quiet time at home and spending time with family, especially her grandkids. Ask Pam about her experience working in and around our National Parks; she’s got some great stories!

You can meet all of our staff here.

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