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HUD's Rule Regarding Smoke-Free Public Housing has been Finalized

United States public housing developments will be required to provide smoke-free environments for their residents within the next 18 months. This rule has been in the works for the past year, and HUD has worked with public housing authorities and other stakeholders in finalizing it.

The full text of the final rule can be found here:

HUD’s smoke-free public housing rule prohibits lit tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars or pipes) in all living units, indoor common areas, administrative offices and all outdoor areas within 25 feet of housing and administrative office buildings for public housing. Because marijuana use is legal in Colorado, public housing providers who want to prohibit marijuana use on their properties must not limit restrictions to "tobacco" products only.

Remember that the HUD rule is the minimum standard. If you would like assistance in updating your Lease, House Rules or smoking policy, please give me a call.

You can also take advantage of the resources available on HUD's website:

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